What I hope to do this summer

What I hope to do this summer is being able to hang out with my friends and being able to see my grandma and grandpa. What I don´t want to do this summer is working 24/7 every day for the whole summer and not be able to hang out with friends

Raise Your Voice

All people should be able to have the freedom of speech.  One of the many reasons why people don´t have the freedom of speech is because people are afraid to speak up.

Favorite Time With A Family Member

My Favorite time with a family member was when my mom took my family to California to get a new dog.  when my family got my dog, I named him Sawyer.  Before I got my dog it was my birthday. my parents told me we were going to go to California.  but what I didn´t realize was that we were getting a dog. when I got to California my parents told me I was getting a  dog. I had never been happier.  the reason I went to California is because my personal opinion is that dogs from California are a lot nicer than dogs in Iowa.  My first reaction was extremely happy and excited because my dog is extremely fluffy and cute.  that is the reasons that My family and I went to California to get a dog last summer.  download (2)

About Me

Hi Mrs. Black my name is Jack Summers.  I am 13 years old and I love dogs.  Here is a picture.hqdefault  I also play the drums, and I am really good at it.  I also play video games.  My favorite thing to do is (drum roll please) sleeping.  cute-puppy-pictures-puppy-will-domi


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